Tenant of home ruined during Greenwood Village standoff offered $5,000 for temporary housing

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – The tenants of a Greenwood Village house that was destroyed during a standoff are refusing an offer from the city of $5,000 for housing.

During a standoff that lasted nearly 20-hours, police tried many various ways to make contact with the suspect, Robert Jonathan Seacat. Eventually, they decided to make holes in the walls of the home on South Alton Street so they could see inside and safely subdue the suspect.

While he was arrested without injury to any of the officers, the damage to the home was so extensive that the homeowner says it was condemned.

Matt Cohrs, an assistant to the city manager, announced the offer of $5,000 for housing assistance that was made to John Lech, who was renting the house from his father. He was also asked to submit a claim for personal property lost as a result of the standoff.

Lech’s father, Leo, previously explained to 7NEWS that the house was insured and will be covered but his son did not have renter’s insurance to cover his belongings or temporary housing.

The family tells 7NEWS it will not be accepting the $5,000 offer. They say that amount would not cover their anticipated expenses.

Cohrs also reiterated in his announcement that Greenwood Village is offering to pay insurance deductibles of neighbors who suffered property damage during the incident.

— Inside the house —

Photos from Leo Lech reveal the inside of the Greenwood Village house that was destroyed during a standoff last week.

"It’s like a chess match that we won because we were patient and I was able to check everything A-to-Z," explained Greenwood Village Police Cmdr. Dustin Varney, who ran the response that involved approximately 100 officers.

The suspect is accused of trying to kill or injure officers, both with a car and with firearms. He resisted arrest, police say, but was taken into custody safely.

"I’m thankful we’re not making funeral arrangements today as a result of the armed, barricaded individual who attempted to murder our police officers," said Greenwood Village City Manager Jim Sanderson.

"I saw this guy with a pistol in his hand going up the stairs," said 9-year-old David Zebelyan, who was inside when the suspect barged in. "He asked me for an escape vehicle and he had a pistol in his hand and he said he wasn’t going to hurt me with it."

"This is an abomination," homeowner Leo Lech said. "This is an atrocity. To use this kind of force against one gunman."

Lech explains that he had owned the home for two years and rented it to his son. It is now uninhabitable and may need to be completely leveled.

Photos in this story provided by homeowner Leo Lech.

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