MB2 Dental Solutions Releases Newest “We Are Dentistry” Video Featuring Dr. Matthew Simmons, owner of El Campo Dentistry

MB2 Dental Solutions Releases Newest “We Are Dentistry” Video Featuring Dr. Matthew Simmons, owner of El Campo Dentistry

"We chose to feature Dr. Simmons in this video because of his commitment to the El Campo and Victoria communities." said Dr. Chris Villanueva, Founder and CEO of MB2 Dental. "Dr. Simmons is a proficient and caring provider to his patients and their families. He and his wife bring a genuine and joyful energy everywhere they go."

In the video, Dr. Simmons confides that he used to be very shy growing up, so as a dentist he relates to and empathizes with his patients who may feel the initial discomfort of walking into a new environment. He enjoys getting to know his patients and setting them at ease by providing quality care.

"What I love about dentistry, and I’ll be honest, is what it provides my life to be. It’s provided me an avenue to owning my own house, provided me the sense of being proud of myself and it allows me to meet a plethora of different people."

In addition to running his practice, Dr. Simmons is an avid golfer and outdoorsman. He and his wife enjoy hosting many dinners and neighborhood get-togethers in their beautiful Victorian home.

MB2 Dental created the "We Are Dentistry" series in an effort to personalize dental care and reveal the individual behind each white coat. Each video offers a glimpse into the daily life, challenges and hobbies of dentist owners. MB2 Dental is passionate about removing the heavy load of dental administration and management from doctor owners, so that they can focus their time and energy on caring for their patients and enjoying time in their personal life outside of work.

Visit http://mb2dental.com/media/ to watch more videos from the "We Are Dentistry" series.

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MB2 Dental was founded on the principle that doctors working together can help each other accomplish more than ever possible working individually as dentists. That, and company culture should never be left behind. MB2 Dental offers a progressive and autonomous perspective on how dental management and practice development ought to work, and it’s changing the lives of countless patients and dentists for the better.

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