Longmont CO Restaurants – Get Your Sugar, Brews and Barbecue

Longmont CO Restaurants – Get Your Sugar, Brews and Barbecue

Longmont, Colorado is our travel destination this time, and it is going to be fun. With over 270 restaurants in the city, you know it’s going to be good to hear my picks as always. We can only cover three restaurants, but that’s going to be a good start. If you are just passing through, that is more than you need anyway. Who knows, we might even make it back around to Longmont, but for now let’s check out three of the city’s best restaurants.

Georgia Boys BBQ is on Collier Street, and burnt ends made the menu highlights. Guys I look for this when reviewing barbecue restaurants. If a barbecue place turns out burnt ends that the customers rave about, then you can quit looking at anything else about the restaurant. At that point, you are already set for a good meal. Of course I still want to tell you that reviews also say that they serve up some delicious pulled pork, ribs, cornbread and more.

Pumphouse Brewery is located on Main Street, and it is naturally going to be serving up some great brews. Burgers, fajitas and fish and chips are a few of the menu items that are available. The reviews talk about excellent service, too, so that’s good. Alright, it on to the last pick.

Sugarbeet is on Pratt Street, and this place serves up coconut ice cream and grilled pineapple, for starters. If on vacation in Longmont, Colorado, I don’t think I could pass up this great place. It sounds like just the type of place you want to find. Okay, so you’ve got your sugar, your brewery and your barbecue. You are going to have a great time eating at these restaurants in Longmont, Colorado, and that means vacation should just be that much better.

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