Interesting Facts About Colorado

Interesting Facts About Colorado

Colorado has the distinction of being the eighth largest state in America. It thrives on tourism due to its geographical diversity and its many natural resources.

Colorado boasts some of the tallest mountains in the nation and skiers come to Colorado to enjoy the snowy mountains in Aspen as well as Vail. However, tourists do not come to Colorado only to ski, many come because they want to explore the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains.

Colorado can be proud of its rich history which includes being the site of one of the biggest gold rushes in American history. In 1858 gold was found in Dry Creek. This caused many to migrate to the area in search of fortune. It is estimated that as much as 50000 people came to Colorado hoping to find gold.

Colorado has also been the site of many infamous events that remain famous in American history. It was in Tulleride, Colorado that the outlaw Butch Cassidy robbed a bank. Prospector Alfred Packer is said to have eaten human flesh close to Lake City. However, there are many less unlawful and gruesome events that have shaped Colorado’s history. The writer Oscar Wilde attended a party which was hosted in a silver mine and the composer Igor Stravinsky rode ski lifts during the summer. It was in 1912 that Hot Sulphur Spring became the site of a tournament for ski jumping that launched Colorado’s ski industry and it has been thriving ever since.

When Colorado was installed as the thirty-eighth state in America, it became known as the Centennial State to commemorate the one-hundredth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Today Colorado remains one of the best states in America as people are continually attracted to its beautiful and scenic mountains and to its rich cultural history.