Fake dentist leaves patient with ‘extreme damage’ after performing 8-hour surgery in his home

Fake dentist leaves patient with ‘extreme damage’ after performing 8-hour surgery in his home

Isidro De Jesus Manjarres, who is not a real dentist, performed an 8-hour dental procedure on a woman in his home, police said.

A Texas man posing as a dentist was arrested after a woman accused him of causing "extreme damage" to her mouth after he performed an 8-hour surgery in his home.

Authorities said Isidro De Jesus Manjarres met the victim at a restaurant in March, according to My San Antonio.

During the meeting, the woman told Manjarres about "sudden and severe dental pain" she was experiencing. Manjarres told her he was a dentist and the two set up a time for her to come by his San Antonio home for an appointment.

In early April, the woman said she went to the 55-year-old man’s house and was told that she would need dental bridges and extractions. The procedure, which required an 8-hour surgery, would cost $3,600. The woman told authorities that Manjarres told her she could pay in two installments.

On April 8, the woman returned to Manjarres’ home with $1,800 in cash for the surgery.

Police records state that Manjarres administered anesthetics 12 times during the procedure, extracted two teeth and used a grinding tool to shape some of her teeth for the bridges.

The woman was supposed to return to the home at a later date to finish the procedure, but she said the first surgery left her in so much pain she thought she was going to die.

According to the victim, Manjarres told her she had an infection and gave her an antibiotic, but it didn’t work.

She then decided to see another dentist, who told her Manjarres had caused "extreme damage" to her mouth. The woman told police that she’s spent more than $11,000 to fix the botched procedure.

When investigators interviewed Manjarres, he allegedly admitted that he’s not a real dentist. He said he worked as a dental lab tech and seven years ago he had performed procedures from his home for dental offices.

He was booked into the Bexar County Jail on a charge of practicing dentistry without a license. He’s being held on a $15,000 bond.

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