Denver 4th graders start petition to end swearing

DENVER — Usually, it’s the adults telling the kids not to swear. But now it’s the kids scolding the adults.

Fourth grade students at Carson Elementary School in Denver are letting all of us adults know, they don’t like our cursing. “It honestly makes me feel uncomfortable,” said one student.

“I’ve heard adults cursing, and it really just makes me grimace,” said Sonja Hammond-Smith, age 10.

So the class started the Bleeping Campaign to end swearing and they are getting a lot of attention. They’ve made a website, slide show, t-shirts, posters and petitions to stop swearing at sports venues. They are asking the stadiums to create swearing free zones where families will feel comfortable. “It would be much more enjoyable for everybody,” said student Max Resnik.

They haven’t seen any action yet, but these kids did get the Mayor’s attention on Facebook, and their teacher says they’ve learned an important lesson.

“It’s showing the students that they have a voice,” said Karin Larson, 4th grade teacher. Maybe the adults are learning a lesson too!

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