Dentist’s Family Seeks Help for Medical Bills

Dentist’s Family Seeks Help for Medical Bills

FREEPORT dentist Dr Hayward Romer and his wife, Ellen.

FREEPORT dentist Dr Hayward Romer suffered a stroke in March and his family is in the process of raising funds for his medical bills after his insurance company refused to cover his medical costs.

The Romers need to raise $80,000 and have started a Go Fund Me account page, raising more than $8,000 to date.

According to the family, Dr Romer needs an emergency surgical procedure to treat a condition known as heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), a blood clotting condition he was later diagnosed with by doctors in the US.

Dr Romer, who operated a dental practice in Freeport for many years in the Bloneva Plaza, suffered a stroke on March 18 as the result of a blood clot. It left the well-known dentist unable to walk without assistance, use his right hand or speak clearly and fluently.

He was airlifted to Florida, where he spent two weeks at a rehabilitation centre with intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Dr Romer was making good progress and was on the road to recovery until May 23 when he was taken back to the hospital. Doctors discovered that his platelet count was very low and gave him an emergency blood transfusion.

It was then that Dr Romer was diagnosed with HIT, which is caused by the formation of abnormal antibodies that activate platelets. He needs to have an emergency procedure done in the US to treat the condition.

“As many know our daddy is a selfless God fearing man, that has given to so many in his community on Grand Bahama, expecting nothing in return,” said a member of the family.

“While attempting to arrange rehabilitation we were shocked to learn that his insurance company would not cover his stroke or any medical bills associated with it. This includes his rehabilitation which will be lengthy and challenging, and without insurance, it will all have to be paid out of pocket and now also include this procedure which can cost up to $80,000.

“Those of you that know him and love him know just how amazing of a person he is. And even more what an amazing husband, father, brother, and friend he is.”

The family’s story is also circulating on social media. The Romers said that the money raised would aid with transportation to Florida, medical bills, and other miscellaneous costs. They say such extensive resources for stroke victims are not available in The Bahamas.

In the meantime, Dr Romer is still in ICU in Freeport as the family awaits to hear back from the hospital in Florida to have him airlifted.

“We are all ready to get doc back up and to talking non-stop,” said the family, who thank those for their support, love, and prayers.

Up to press time, nearly 100 people had contributed to the family at

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