Dentistry from the heart provides reasons to smile

Dentistry from the heart provides reasons to smile

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Here’s a deal to sink your teeth into – free dentistry.

Saturday marked Premier Dental’s 4th Annual Dentistry From the Heart event during which patients could take their pick of a cleaning, filling or extraction – on the house.

Organizers say the need for dental care is out there and it really feels good to give back in this way.

Dan Beninato said, “A couple years ago we started to notice a big need in the community for dental care especially for underprivileged people and so we tried to open up the doors and give people the opportunity for free dental care for those who otherwise couldn’t afford it."

The giving didn’t stop there. Outside the dentist office the American Red Cross set up shop for folks to pay it forward and roll up their sleeves to donate blood after getting their teeth cleaned.

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