10 Questions With Dr. Dimassi Of BridgeMill Dentistry

BridgeMill Dentistry has been committed to providing excellent dental care to individuals and families in Cherokee County for more than 15 years. From expert cosmetic dental care to implant restorations and repairs, the team at BridgeMill Dentistry guarantees personalized treatment in a friendly environment.

Dr. Matthew A. Dimassi was recently welcomed to the BridgeMill family in 2017 and has quickly immersed himself in helping valued patients achieve confident smiles. Providing care for veterans, volunteering and going on several mission trips are just a few items on his résumé — not to mention his impressive snowboarding hobby! Read on to learn more about Dr. Dimassi and how he always "puts himself in the patient’s shoes."

Patch: As the newest member of BridgeMill Dentistry’s team, how have things gone so far?

Dr. Dimassi: I’ve just started my sixth month with the practice, and things couldn’t be better. We have a phenomenal team that is uniquely qualified and committed to really loyal patients. I haven’t seen this level of personal relationship with patients anywhere I’ve practiced, and it makes the job fun every day.

Patch: What did you do before joining BridgeMill Dentistry?

Dr. Dimassi: My most significant work came at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, where I had the honor of providing care to men and women who have served our country in the armed forces. I also practiced in two other small dental offices before joining the BridgeMill Dentistry team.

Patch: What made you want to practice dentistry in Cherokee County?

Dr. Dimassi: It’s a growing area, which is always a positive when it comes to personal career goals. But this area is such a family-oriented place, where people really care for their neighbors and go out of their way to make others feel a valuable part of the community. You really can’t beat that in a community.

Patch: Why did you become a dentist?

Dr. Dimassi: There are many reasons, but one of the big ones for me is the challenge involved in dentistry. Every patient’s needs vary at least a little bit, and sometimes, significantly. Being able to customize a treatment plan and achieve positive results is a great way to spend the workday.

Patch: What’s the biggest challenge or most difficult moment you’ve faced in your job?

Dr. Dimassi: I would say seeing people that are really held back by the aesthetics of their smile. High-quality dental care and technology are more accessible to our younger generation than ever, which is excellent.

However, many middle-aged to older Americans didn’t have the benefits of great dental care in their youth, and many struggle today with smiles they aren’t happy with. It’s hard to see folks who are unhappy with their appearance, but also rewarding to be able to help them feel more confident.

Patch: What’s the best piece of professional advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you?

Dr. Dimassi: "Imagine it is you." A mentor once told me to put myself in the shoes of every patient I treat, and I’ll never lose sight of what the practice of dentistry is all about. I believe that’s very true, especially when it comes to medical care.

Patch: Are there any new projects or endeavors you’re working on that you’re extra excited about?

Dr. Dimassi: Our practice is scheduled to participate in Love Loud again this year, which is a two-day program that provides free dental treatment to community members with limited means. That will be a highlight of our 2018 I’m sure.

Patch: Tell our readers something about you that may surprise them.

Dr. Dimassi: I really love to snowboard. That’s not the most common hobby for someone who lives in Georgia.

Patch: How can Patch readers learn more about you and your practice?

Dr. Dimassi: The BridgeMill Dentistry website is a great resource for new and existing patients.

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